finley | newborn

Oh boy, y'all. I have dropped the ball this last year over here on blog posts. You know, between wifehood, mommyhood, real estate, and photography... well, life is full. Sometimes overwhelmingly so, and if I have to choose between blogging or sleep, blogging or doing the dishes, blogging or watching a movie with my hubby, then blogging will always be put on the back burner.

But! We've recently moved! And this move means our house is only 5 minutes from my office. Can I get a HOORAY?! I can go home for lunch. I can do a load of laundry during the day. I can tidy up during the day. And on days I don't have many appointments, guess what? I can edit and blog during daylight hours. It has allowed me to be so much more useful with my time.

And there is no better session to bring this blogging back than my sweet friend's new baby girl, Finley. All the heart eyes, you guys. I loooooved spending time with this family of four, and witnessing proud big brother watching over his new sister almost did me in. She's going to have a body guard for life :)