garrison | two and a half years

G2 turns 2.5 years old this coming Thursday. You know what that means? It means that on Friday he will be closer to age 3 than he is age 2. #somebodyholdme

He talks all. the. time, and he's constantly impressing us with the sentences he's putting together. He most commonly uses 5-6 word sentences, but every now and then he'll bust out a 7-8 worder. He loves all things ninja turtles, trains and tractors. He's in to the movie Cars, loves books, and at this age is a total momma's boy. I not so secretly love that.

G2 has the sweetest little spirit and soul. Even at his young age he's perceptive of someone being left out of something, and he does his best to include them. He will stop what he is doing to help someone... and y'all. Every time I watch him do this or every time I hear a story about him, my heart is wrecked and my eyes well up. My daily prayer is that we continue to encourage this behavior that seems to come so naturally to him.

Two and a half years is the magical age where kisses heal all boo boo's, Thomas the Train is real, and bribery is everything. ;) He's thinning out and losing the last of his "baby." He is a sticky handed, bruised knee, rocks in his pockets little dirt ball, and we absolutely could not love him more. He's my favorite little boy.

Oh, and when you think he's throwing you the peace sign... he's Spiderman shooting you with spiderwebs. #duh