garrison | 18 months

Each time I sit down to post an update on G2, I feel like I just sit here for several minutes gathering my thoughts and trying to figure out what to say. How I feel about this child cannot accurately be described in words. I know most everyone only cares about the photos ;) but for documentation purposes I love writing about who he is and what he's doing.

At 18 months G2's vocabulary is taking off. He's learning a new word, if not two, every day. His three favorite things to do are: read books (i.e. have them read to him while he points at things wanting to know its name), watch videos of himself on our phones, and play ninja turtles. He is incredibly interested in knowing the names of people and objects, and even though he can't say the names of his ninja turtle characters yet, he knows who they are- If you ask him who "Leather Head, Spider Bytes, Splinter, Shredder, April, Tiger Claw, Baxter Fly, Dog Pound, etc" is, he'll point to them. He knows animals in the same manner. He knows all of his friends' names at school and will correctly give each one a hug when asked. He points to his hair, hands, ears, mouth, feet and belly button. He blinks for eyes, sticks his tongue out for tongue, and sniffs for nose. Developmentally we can practically see his mind working on things, and it's just so fun to watch.

He is obsessed with birds "tweet!! TWEET!!" and shoes "shhs", waves "bye bye bug" to the bugs outside his window, dances to the Ninja Turtle theme song, is jealous over his momma #handsoffdad, and if given the option would choose blackberries and blueberries over most every food. As long as he has a full belly, he's a super happy, laid-back little dude. #hangryprobs

He's pigeon toed and bowlegged, which is just hilarious and makes him stand and walk with his shoulders back and belly out. Everyone tells us he'll be fast, and if that's true, well, he didn't get it from me.

I love this little BLONDE haired boy and am so incredibly blown away that God made him ours.

Per usual, we took his photos in his room. I love the constant of his room while he keeps changing. We ventured to our backyard for a few too, and I'm so glad we did!

G2, can you hug the tree?