camilla | newborn

I had the absolute pleasure of spending a few hours with Camilla, her mom Aisley, and her grandmomma Kim. Many of you reading this post know this family, love this family, pray with this family and are blessed by this family. Words cannot even describe what they mean to our community, our church, and the lives of the young men and women they minister to daily.

Kim is so good with words, and since Camilla's story really isn't my story to tell, I leave you with words written by Kim on the day they announced Aisley's pregnancy. And in the midst of the social movement of sharing your story about choosing LIFE, this, my friends, is a perfect example of choosing life and love.

"Yep. We know. We were shocked, too. But we're so grateful to tell you that God in His mercy has gifted our family with a precious baby due at the end of September. And yes, you're right. This comes in a way we had hoped it wouldn' a way we've prayed against time and again.

...The grace of God is with us in all we do as his people, when we aim high to Glorify Him, and when we fail to hold Him clearly and rightly. Through it all, He is here. Our God knits little ones together, and each one is worth celebrating.

...God is far better, far stronger, far more right in all His ways. it settles our hearts to walk the days He has and not the ones we dreamed about. It gives us hope-filled happiness in the midst of grief. His "no" to our multiple requests throughout her life are given only for the "far better" we would have asked for had we known what He knows.

So weep with us, rejoice with us, be confident with us, laugh at the days to come with us because we know our God. Thank you for all we know you'll do to love us well, support our girl, and welcome our baby. Pray for us, and say with us "the Lord has done great things for us; we are glad." Ps. 126:3"

Sweet little Camilla. It is so evident how much your family loves you.

Enjoy :D