garrison | two years

G2 is (almost) 2!

I'm not going to sit here and tell you how unbelievable his age is to me, because I say that every time... and I'm sounding like a broken record.

This little boy. Sigh. He has the sweetest disposition. He is equal parts hilarious, serious, compassionate and stubborn. In the last several months we have begun to see the makings of his heart, and let me tell you, it melts me. I'm so thankful for a little boy whose heart is kind, and I pray so hard that as he grows we are able to guide him on the path to God that will keep that sweet heart pure.

He's incredibly logical (for a 2 year old) and sometimes overwhelmingly OCD. He is a routine, everything must be in its proper place kind of person. We have no idea where he got this from. #ha #hahahahahaha

He loves books and being read to, plays well by himself, loves his bed and room, enjoys going to school because it means he gets to play outside, ADORES his Granny, Curly and BapBap, and is borderline obsessed with lawn mowers and tractors. He has a cackle laugh that is infectious.

His favorite crayon color is purple

Donnie the ninja turtle is "Dobbie"

Shower is "showby"

He knows when the car wash is open and closed (????)

He refers to it as "my car wash"

HEB Buddy Bucks are life.

He is "G-Toe"

When he wants something or is pointing something out, he finishes his sentence in "yes" --for example, "see backhoe yes" "play outside yes" "read book yes"

At 2 years old he is a BUSY LITTLE BOY. Instead of bedroom photos, we switched it up for a park so he could run, jump, play and explore. I am in loveeee with these photos, because they so capture his personality, his love of life and happy demeanor. And because I'm his mom... so duh.

I know at least two people read all of that... my mom and my best friend. For everyone else, the pictures are below ;)

(above) we wouldn't let him climb under the wooden rail to go over the cliff to his death. So like I said, he's super logical.

Last year I posted 10 things I learned in my first year as a mom. Here are 10 things I learned in my second.

1. Toddlers do not think it is in any way gross to want to sit on your lap when you're going poop.

2. I spent the whole first year of his life wondering if I was rocking him too much, and I spent the whole second year wishing he'd let me rock him more.

3. Ear tubes. AKA magic. AKA God's gift to parents. AKA a whole lot of money for an itty bitty piece of plastic that provides a whole lot of relief. AKA #worthit

4. Sometimes, showing yourself grace (or saving your sanity) means sitting your child in front of the iPad and letting them watch Little Einstein's for an hour. Sometimes it means letting your child eat mac n cheese for dinner 3 nights in a row. Sometimes it means drinking a beer after they go to bed.

5. Parenting books mess with your head. I do a whole lot better when I just listen to my gut. Momstinct is real.

6. I'm a magician. I can trick G2 in to eating almost anything if I turn it in to a muffin or tell him there's cheese in it. Cheese muffins, anyone?

7. Bribery

8. Coughs are (still) from the devil

9. Your child's voice is the sweetest and best sound you will ever hear in your entire life. I want to listen to him talk all day long. Except when I want him to stop.

10. The random hugs, the random kisses, the random hand holding. The random climb in to my lap because he wants to snuggle moments. The love in his eyes when he looks at me. I'll never understand how my heart can explode 10,000 times and yet keep beating.