LILLIAN | cake smash

You all have seen my niece Lilly grow this past year on my blog. I CANNOT BELIEVE she is one! Her smiles and squeals are absolutely contagious. My cheeks hurt after editing, because I was smiling so big.

Christina {Lilly's mom} and I started planning her one year/cake smash photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, and it worked out perfectly that both of our visions for the session blended together to create such a wonderful photo-op!

We started the session with Lilly dressed in a Hanbok. This is a traditional Korean outfit children wear on special occasions, but most importantly on their 1st birthday. According to Christina, 1st birthday parties were huge celebrations. Babies were usually given gold jewelry, and certain items were laid out in front of the child, and depending on which one the baby chose, it supposedly determined their future. It was really important that we got some photos of Lilly in this outfit!

For the cake smash, Christina ordered the cake from Lily's cakes {fitting, right?}, and it was DELICIOUS. We both started devouring it at the end of the session. It was truly unfair to have to look at so much cake while editing.

My friend Kaci, who helped me SO much with G2's first birthday party, made the cake banner. Isn't it gorgeous??!! She is incredible and was so patient with my scatterbrained self the week of this session. I kept forgetting to pick it up from her... three times. And then I wrote her maiden name on her check. I was not on my A-game.

But it's ok, because these photos... Heart-eyed emoji. And can I just mention that bow??? I DIE!

Enjoy :D

Lilly, I just adore you and your whole family. I love you sweet girl!