bonstead | family

This adorable little family tugs on my heartstrings :D We are so blessed to know the Bonsteads and call them friends. We share a Sunday School class with this sweet couple, and Bonnie and I were due with our babies 1 day apart last year. They turned out to be just shy of two weeks apart in age, and I love little Luke! He's such a sweetie. And his blue eyes. So handsome.

Remember how I said there were a lot of pregnancies in our family last year? Well, it was the exact same way in Sunday School {and small group} last year. Babies, babies, babies!!! Maybe there's something in Temple Bible's water ;D

Bonnie and I have shared many a text message as to the joys and struggles of being working moms. I'm so thankful for her and the support we share in each other. She is a blessing!

Enjoy this sweet family!