garrison | 6 months | personal

I blinked. And then he was six months old. That’s the only way to explain how I feel about how quickly these moments with our son have flown by. Everyone tells you how fast it will go. And we never doubted. But until you’re actually living it, I don’t think there’s any way to fully grasp how fast fast is. Well, in case you hadn’t caught on yet, it’s FAST.

G2 is such a precious joy in our lives. He’s so happy, so full of personality and life. At 3 months old he was cautious with his smiles. Now he smiles all the time. He melts our hearts. He’s a content little one, easily entertaining himself in his crib in the mornings before we go in to greet him. And then as soon as he sees us, his smile totally lights up our world. He’s been nicknamed “Radar” by his grandpa BapBap, because he’s so observant. He’s always watching, always on the lookout, always taking in new things. It’s so fun to see him process new sights, sounds, and people. His little personality develops more and more each day, and it’s such an amazing thing to watch. We are in love with his sweet demeanor. 

At 6 months G2 is rolling both ways, sitting up, army crawling, and rocking on his hands and knees trying to actually crawl. He still drools like a maniac. He has 0 teeth. He devours solid food and so far has tried avocado, carrots, peas, butternut squash and apples. He’s loved them all. I’m thoroughly enjoying making all his food and watching him explore new flavors and textures. It’s so fun!

Happy half a year little buddy! We love you SO much.