the mitchels | family

The Mitchels hold a very special place in my heart. I have known Colleen since high school, though we were more acquaintances than friends back then. We were reconnected with each other via our small group, where her and her hubby are some of our leaders. Y'all, it is such a small world... so many people either we knew from years past or have a connection to in some way or another. It's truly amazing to see God work. You'll be seeing quite a few small group folks grace the blog this year, and that makes my heart so happy!

This post is a combination of two sessions. I did Colleen and Royce's family session, and then a couple weeks later we came back together for the whole Mitchel fam!

And the secret to keeping 4 toddlers semi-still? Suckers. Lots of suckers. We may not have gotten all 4 of them smiling, but by golly they were happy with their suckers ;)

Colleen is a big believer in "real life" and capturing moments that depict the season of life we're in. I love that about her... so in addition to the perfectly posed photos, you'll get a few that are perfectly imperfect.