vivian | 12 months

It is very safe to say that photographing children is my absolute favorite. I love it. I love their innocent expressions. I love watching their parents act ridiculous in order to make them smile. I love their silly poses. I love watching them grow!

Vivian turned ONE year old in December. Can you believe it?? I was just shooting her newborn session, like, yesterday! But somewhere between then and now we did two more sessions {here and here}, and then what do you know. She's a year old.

We shot this session in Salado at one of my favorite locations. Depending on the time of the year this place looks SO different, and during this one it felt like a sunshiney magical fairy land. At cake time, I think we were all hoping for a full head-in-the-cake shot, but Vivian proved to be much the little lady ;D and for the most part kept herself pretty tidy. Way to go little one!

Enjoy these photos of some very sweet people!


Isn't it amazing all that happens in a year??