gideon | 2 months

Gideonnnnnn!!!! Words cannot express how in love I am with this baby. I got to hold him and love on him and rock him to sleep and oh. my. goodness. It was a little piece of heaven.

Gideon is my nephew, born to my brother in law and sister in law Graham and Christina. {You can see their maternity session here} They're currently living in Georgia while Graham is stationed at Ft. Benning, but they came home to surprise my youngest brother in law, Greg, for his 21st birthday a week or two ago, and not only did they get to spend a week with family who met Gideon for the first time, but we were able to sneak in a little informal session at my sister in law Stephanie's house.

If you haven't noticed already, I have a lot of sister and brother in laws. When your husband is one of 8 children, it kind of happens :D

Gideon is the definition of cute, adorable, and precious all rolled in to one. And such a gooooood baby! Oh my, Christina lucked OUT.

And the natural mohawk. I die.

Enjoy :D


When I look at the next picture, I think of the wide-eyed face emoji. You know the one I'm talking about!


Below right: I almost can't handle the cuteness. Seriously.


The picture below brings me to tears.


I love you Graham, Christina, and Gideon!